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The Open Source Test Automation Framework project began with just a handful of test automation consultants. Routinely facing the same automation challenges across a variety of industries and technologies, and finding themselves writing (and rewriting) the same code over and over again, these consultants built a tool to accelerate any automation project they took on. These initial automation consultants developed the original framework. An R&D team named Innovez was then formally organized, and its focus was to create the best automation tool that money could not buy.

The result: This open source project, and the framework that the Innovez team has published as open source for the global test automation community.

The Open Source Test Automation Framework is composed of a standard set of keywords that doesn't change, no matter what automation tool you use to automate testing. (See the roadmap page for a list of supported tools and AUT technologies, along with the open source release schedule.) The framework also includes a driver script that interprets the keywords for a given tool.

Test scripts (verified and created from standardized use cases or equivalent specifications) are written using keywords and are stored in spreadsheets. The driver script interprets the keywords and associated actions from the spreadsheet and then executes the instruction. This approach creates a tool-independent test script and leaves the knowledge of the test case in the spreadsheet. And should you decide to change test automation tools, all you need is a new driver script infrastructure to interpret and execute your keywords and test scripts. There's no need to rewrite test scripts.

That's what this open source project is all about: Standardizing keywords and creating driver scripts for the various combinations of test automation tools and application technologies. As you'll see on the roadmap page, the Innovez team is off to a great start. But now we need additional help. That's why we've published our framework, and that's why we're asking for your assistance in improving and expanding the technology.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our open source project. We hope you put this framework to good use on your project. If you do, we know you'll receive instant value. We also hope that you'll consider contributing.

Best regards,
Open Source Test Automation Framework Team

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